High blood pressure symptoms in tamil language.

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The antioxidants in broccoli play a major role in preventing inflammatory diseases like cancer and diabetes. Broccoli also improves liver health and aids body detoxification. Find out about the potential broccoli benefits for your overall health.

Helps High blood pressure symptoms in tamil language Cancer Shutterstock The National Cancer Institute has spoken about the link between cruciferous vegetables especially broccoli and cancer in great detail.

These vegetables contain glucosinolates, chemicals that have sulfur. During cooking, chewing, and digestion, these glucosinolates are broken down to form biologically active compounds — one of them being indolecarbinol, a compound with potent anticancer properties 1.

And yes, there is research that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables can help prevent various forms of cancer — notably, cancers of the prostate, lungs, breast, and colon. Another compound in broccoli bagging the credit for cancer prevention is sulforaphane, or naturally occurring organic sulfur.

high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language

Sulforaphane supports normal cell function and division and even promotes apoptosis programmed cell death in cancer cells. Research says that just 3 servings of broccoli a week can cut cancer risk by 60 percent. Broccoli also contains decent amounts of fiber, which enhances immunity and fights inflammatory diseases like cancer 2.

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Detoxifies Your Body Often called the dynamic trio, glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin, and glucobrassicin in broccoli neutralize and eliminate the unwanted chemicals from your body. The sulforaphane in broccoli sprout protects the aerobic cells from damage by inducing a network of detoxification enzymes. In addition, it also suppresses the inflammatory responses 3. In another study, individuals who consumed broccoli sprout tea were found to have higher levels of detoxification 4.

These individuals saw their blood levels of benzene and acrolein decrease post the 8-week long experiment. Benzene and acrolein are products of chemical combustion commonly found in highly polluted areas. Simply put, broccoli helps eliminate the pollutants that we unknowingly inhale on a daily basis. Well, we can understand what a pain it can be. But you sure might find some solace in broccoli. Being an excellent source of vitamin K, calcium, potassium, and magnesium — broccoli plays a role in maintaining bone mineral density it contains good levels of iron too.

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Certain experts say vitamin K builds bones better than calcium. And a cup of broccoli contains percent of the vitamin K you need in a day. This vitamin, along with calcium, also helps maintain your teeth.

This high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language means broccoli can help fight osteoporosis 5.

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Plain and simple. Promotes Heart Health Broccoli keeps the blood vessels strong, which is one of the ways it improves heart health. The sulforaphane in the vegetable can prevent and even reverse damage to blood vessel linings caused by chronic sugar issues. It also reduces damage to high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language heart during oxygen deprivation 6.

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Numerous other studies have also associated broccoli consumption with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. The vegetable can reduce inflammation and oxidation of the arteries in stroke-prone individuals 7. Studies high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language also shown that the very same sulforaphane in broccoli can also improve blood pressure high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language 8.

And broccoli contains no cholesterol. Moreover, given it has fiber, it also regulates cholesterol levels and prevents heart attacks. Improves Digestive Health Broccoli reduces inflammation in the colon and helps prevent colon cancer. The vegetable is broken down in the stomach into certain compounds, one of them being indolocarbazole or ICZ. This ICZ activates another compound called aryl hydrocarbon receptor or AHRwhich maintains the gut barrier function and treats related issues like leaky gut.

Leaky gut occurs when the intestinal barrier is compromised and opens up to attack by toxins and microbes, leading to poorer absorption of nutrients. Broccoli also contains other distinctive compounds that can be utilized by the gut bacteria and improve the overall gut health 9.

Enhances Liver Health Shutterstock Broccoli has been found to prevent liver cancer and even aid in its treatment Broccoli sprouts can raise the levels of detoxification enzymes and protect the liver from damage. The vegetable might also prevent liver failure. Eating 4 servings of broccoli a week can do wonders to your liver health.

Dietary broccoli has also been found to prevent fatty liver disease, as per another study Can Cure Allergies Research has found that taking broccoli just for 3 days can lead to a percent increase in the production of proteins that generate antioxidants in the nasal cells. And this can help cure allergies. According to another study, broccoli sprout attenuates nasal allergic response. It also reduces the effects of particulate pollution on allergic disease and asthma Broccoli is also rich aerob gyakorlatok a szív egészségéért quercetin and kaempferol, polyphenols known for their anti-allergic immune response.

Quercetin is so potent in treating allergies that it is one of the main ingredients in most anti-allergic drugs Broccoli can even help treat other allergic and respiratory conditions like asthma. The sulforaphane in the veggie triggers the release of antioxidant enzymes in the human airways — this offers protection from the free radicals and other pollutants that we breathe in every day Might Promote Weight Loss Broccoli is low in calories, and hence can be an ideal addition to a weight loss diet.

And yes, broccoli is a good source of fiber — it keeps you full for a long period and discourages binging.

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This could simply make your path to weight loss a little smoother. Improves Vision Health You might want to turn to broccoli if you have any kind of eye problem that has been bothering you for quite a while. Because studies show that broccoli might prevent blindness.

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And this effect, again, high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language attributed to the humble sulforaphane in broccoli — the naturally occurring antioxidant that protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Research says that the more sulforaphane your eye cells get, the more protection they receive Green and yellow fruits and vegetables are also found to be loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin — antioxidants crucial for the human eyes.

high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language

These super-antioxidants help prevent other serious eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. Just diéta a magas vérnyomásért minden nap grams of boiled broccoli contains 1, mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C, another nutrient essential for better vision Can Aid In Diabetes Treatment If the fiber in broccoli forms one part of the equation, sulforaphane forms the other.

The latter prevents damage to blood vessels caused by diabetes.

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Sulforaphane activates certain enzymes that limit this type of damage. In lab experiments, sulforaphane was also found to lower glucose levels and reduce the harmful effects of sugar.

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Please check with your doctor on this. If you are a protein type, you might have to milyen gyógyszerek szükségesek a magas vérnyomáshoz your broccoli intake.

Eating broccoli post a meal can help slow down the rise in blood pressure thanks to its fiber content. Improves Brain Health Shutterstock The two crucial nutrients in broccoli that improve brain health are vitamin K and choline.

While the former enhances cognitive abilities, the latter improves memory. Other studies state that dietary broccoli might improve neuroinflammation to a certain extent And the sulforaphane in broccoli had shown to improve spatial memory, especially after a traumatic injury. Hence, this compound is widely considered a potential therapeutic option for treating brain injury in patients According to a report by the Harvard Medical School, broccoli is also rich in beta-carotene and can prevent cognitive decline.

Improves Metabolism The calcium and vitamin C in broccoli, together, can boost metabolism. The fiber in broccoli is also responsible for healthy metabolism and maintenance of the major body functions Boosts Immunity The number one reason broccoli works best for the immune system is its vitamin C content. And studies have found that broccoli can also boost the aging immune system.

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This protein can switch on hundreds of antioxidant and rejuvenating enzymes and genes Sulforaphane has also been found to reverse the decline of immune function of cells that might otherwise accelerate with age. And broccoli also contains another compound glutathione — which also is called the master antioxidant. This magas vérnyomással kezelünk also fortifies immune health.

Studies say that eating broccoli raw can maximize its immune-boosting effects. And these effects have also shown to promote wound healing. And broccoli, being a powerhouse of nutrients, can offer just that. While the calcium in broccoli helps prevent osteoporosis in pregnant women as they are more prone to the disease during this phase, given their bones are more vulnerablefolate ensures a healthy pregnancy — it eliminates neurological defects in the baby High blood pressure symptoms in tamil language the fiber in broccoli helps prevent gestational diabetes, a disease pregnant women are more often prone to.

Supplementation with broccoli sprout also prevents brain injury in the newborn, as per a Canadian study According to a Spanish study, an increased intake of folate can enhance semen production, leading to stronger orgasms and improved fertility. And the vitamin A in this veggie can enhance the sperm count. Broccoli has also been found to prevent bladder cancer, which is three times more common in men than women The same antioxidants improve skin health and help slow down aging.

Vitamin C in the vegetable aids collagen production, ultimately making the skin look younger. Promotes Skin Health The same antioxidants improve skin health and help slow down aging.

Broccoli contains a substance called glucoraphanin that gets converted into sulforaphane, aiding skin repair and resulting in healthy skin. Thus, eating broccoli renews your skin more quickly and gives your complexion a beautiful natural glow. Studies show that extracts of broccoli sprouts protect against skin damage and cancer caused by UV radiation NMN produces another compound important for energy metabolism — this compound fuels energy in our bodies, potentially eliminating some of the signs associated with aging And the vitamin C in the veggie fights free radicals that otherwise tend to speed high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language the aging process.

Vitamin C also contributes to collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language

Broccoli is often considered better than sunscreen in protecting the skin against skin cancer. In fact, you could smear broccoli extract over your skin before bath. The sulforaphane in it works wonders on your skin. The B vitamins and vitamin C make your hair stronger and strengthen the hair follicles. Vitamin C also combats free radicals that otherwise cause hair loss. Improves Hair Health The B vitamins and vitamin C make your hair stronger and strengthen the hair follicles.

Dark green vegetables like broccoli are loaded with vitamins A and C that help produce sebum — a natural scalp oil that keeps the hair conditioned. Treats Hair Loss The vitamin C in this wonder veggie eliminates free radicals and helps make your hair thicker and healthier.

It also is a good source of B vitamins, which reduce stress and in a way combat hair loss Imparts Luster To Hair Shutterstock Broccoli seed oil contains a unique fatty acid composition that is similar to silicone found in shampoos, which is responsible for imparting shine to your hair.

Also known as erucic acid, this omega-9 fatty acid gives your hair a smooth, natural sheen without leaving a residue of harmful detergents or chemicals in your hair follicles.

Thus, it has an advantage over commercial shampoos and conditioners in this respect. We saw the many broccoli benefits. But you also need to know about the selection process and storage. While purchasing broccoli, ensure that the floret clusters are compact with firm stalks and healthy leaves.

high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language

Look for strong uniformly colored buds which are dark green, sage or purple-green depending on the variety with no sign of yellowing or bruises. Yellowing florets or woody stalks with holes at the base or open bud clusters indicate that the vegetable is not fresh and hence should be avoided.

The stems and florets should be devoid of slimy spots and the leaves, if attached, should be vibrant in color and not wilted. There should be no yellow flowers blossoming from the vegetable as it is a sign of over maturity. Storage Broccoli should be kept unwashed in a plastic bag, removing as much air from the bag as possible.

high blood pressure symptoms in tamil language

It should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Do not wash it before storing as it might get spoilt due to exposure to water.

Where whole broccoli has not been used, partial heads should be kept in a well-sealed container or plastic bag and refrigerated as it starts losing vitamin C quickly once it has been cut. Thus, it is advisable to use it within a few days.

Blanched broccoli can be frozen and refrigerated for up to a year. Cooked broccoli should be kept in a tightly covered container and stored in a refrigerator for a few days. There are numerous ways you can use broccoli for cooking. Let us help you with a few of them. Raw broccoli contains more sulforaphane than the cooked one and is a suitable addition to salads.