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Abstracts Introdução: Tanto o ultrassom terapêutico quanto o laser de baixa potência são utilizados para o controle da dor musculoesquelética, apesar de controvérsias.

Ainda, a how to reduce blood pressure quickly reddit é pobre e também apresenta resultados controversos sobre efeitos cumulativos da associação de técnicas. Assim, o objetivo foi comparar os efeitos antinociceptivos do laser, do ultrassom e da associação destes. Resultados: Na comparação dentro dos grupos, para o limiar de retirada quando o filamento foi aplicado nos joelhos, foi possível observar volta aos valores basais apenas para GUS.

Em AV4 os três grupos tratados apresentaram valores maiores que o placebo. Conclusão: Ambas as modalidades apresentaram efeitos antinociceptivos.

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Medição da dor; Terapia a laserde baixa intensidade; Terapia por ultrassom Introduction: Both therapeutic ultrasound as a low level laser therapy are used to control musculoskeletal pain, despite controversy about its effects, yet the literature is poor and also presents conflicting results on possible cumulative effects of techniques association. The aim was to compare the antinociceptive effects of low level laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and the association.

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Results: In comparison within groups, for the withdrawal threshold when the fi lament was applied to the knee, the back to baseline was observed only for GUS.

In EV4 the three groups effectively treated were higher than placebo. Conclusion: Both modalities showed antinociceptive effects. Pain measurement; Low level laser therapy; Ultrasonic therapy Introduction In cases of joint pain such as that arising from knee osteoarthritis conditions, low-level laser therapy has been suggested as therapeutic modality, Efficacy of low level laser therapy associated with exercises in knee osteoarthritis: a randomized double-blind study.

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Clin Rehabil. Efficacy of low-level laser therapy in the management of neck pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised placebo or active-treatment controlled trials. The analgesic effect of this modality may occur by reduction of infl ammation mediators, Low-level laser therapy alleviates neuropathic pain and promotes function recovery in rats with chronic constriction injury: possible involvements in hypoxia-inducible factor 1α HIF-1α.

J Comp Neurol. Inhibitory effects of visible nm and infrared nm laser irradiation on somatosensory and compound muscle action potentials in rat sciatic nerve: implications for laser-induced analgesia.

J Peripher Nerv Syst. Analgesic effect of a low-level laser therapy nm in early orthodontic treatment.

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Lasers Med Sci. However, in cases of deep pain in individuals with acute and chronic low back pain, more expressive effects of low level laser therapy versus placebo added to thermotherapy were not observed by Ay, Dogan and Evcik; Is low-level laser therapy effective in acute or chronic low back pain? Clin Rheumatol. Jang H, Lee H. Meta-analysis of pain relief effects by laser irradiation on joint areas. Photomed Laser Surg.

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Ultrasound therapy is likely to be the most widely used physical agent in clinical practice, and its effects may occur by increasing the temperature or by the so-called nonthermal agents, via acoustic cavitation and fl ow. Watson T. Ultrasound in contemporary physiotherapy practice. Ultrasound is also a modality that can promote pain reduction in cases of osteoarthritis.

Design Eighty-six different clinical parameters were collected using an electronic clinical research form designed by the Hungarian Pancreatic Study Group. Patients adult patients diagnosed with AP were prospectively enrolled from 17 Hungarian centres over a two-year period from 1 January Main Results With respect to aetiology, biliary and alcoholic pancreatitis represented the two most common forms of AP. The prevalence of biliary AP was higher in women, whereas alcoholic AP was more common in men. Hyperlipidaemia was a risk factor for severity, lack of serum enzyme elevation posed a risk for severe AP, and lack of abdominal pain at admission demonstrated a risk for mortality.

Short-term effectiveness of ultrasound therapy in knee osteoarthritis. J Int Med Res. Efficacy of ultrasound therapy for the management of knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Osteoarthritis Cartilage.

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However, some studies show confl icting results regarding its effects, just as it occurs with the low level laser modality. Ultrasound therapy for musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic review.

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The effectiveness of therapeutic ultrasound for musculoskeletal conditions of the lower limb: A literature review. When one seeks to assess deep articular pain, the model using formalin injection proves to be valid, yielding reliable results with respect to behavioral patterns in experimental animals.

This allows an evaluation of the effect állandó magas pulzus okai different modalities of therapy that influence behaviors, that is, stimulating or decreasing nociception.

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Formalin injection into knee joints of rats: pharmacologic characterization of a deep somatic nociceptive model. J Pain. Thus, it is interesting to use this model to compare the effects of isolated and associated therapeutic techniques.

Ultrasound and laser therapy in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Aust J Physiother.

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For all these reasons, this study aimed to compare the antinociceptive effects of low level laser, therapeutic ultrasound and the combination of these modalities, i.

Materials and methods Experimental groups Twenty-four female rats of the Wistar strain were used, weighing These animals were obtained from the UNIOESTE Central Animal Bioterium, and how to reduce blood pressure quickly reddit kept in polypropylene cages with free access to water and with food ad libitum, with light-dark cycle of 12 hours at controlled room temperature 24 ± 1ºC.

Assessment of nociception For an evaluation of nociception, the digital von Frey fi lament Insight®which tests nociceptive sensitivity to mechanical stimulus in animals, was used.

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An electronic pressure-meter nociception paw test for rats. Braz J Med Biol Res. The test was performed with the animal manually restrained, and the fi lament applied to the medial aspect of the tibiofemoral joint of the right hind limb. The polypropylene filament tip was applied perpendicularly to the area, with a gradual increase in pressure, and as soon as the animal withdrew the member the test was interrupted to record the withdrawal threshold.

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Then the animal was placed in a wooden box with acrylic cover, and its bottom was made of metal trelliswork, through which it was possible to insert the filament in the plantar region of the feet of the animal. Again, pressure was applied and gradually increased until the animal withdrew the limb. The study personnel were trained for five days in the nociceptive testing procedures.

In the day following the last training day, values of limb withdrawing were collected before AV1 and after 15 AV2 and 30 AV3 minutes and, fi nally, after one hour AV4 of the induction of hyperaesthesia. Treatment protocols After the second evaluation, the treatment was initiated, i.

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G1 did not suffer any therapeutic intervention only simulation. Comparação do ultrassom pulsado e contínuo no reparo tendíneo de ratos.

Fisioter Pesq. Avaliação do papel de opioides endógenos na analgesia do laser de baixa potência, nm, em joelhos de ratos Wistar. Rev Dor.